Media & Entertainment

  • MGA Entertainment
  • Market Street Productions
  • NRG Curriculum
  • Artists & Alchemists
  • Psychic Bunny
  • Golden Oak Publishers
  • Weil Public Relations
  • Various independent creative professionals & film projects


Business & Tech

  • YouVersion
  • LawLoop
  • PrayBuzz
  • Revolution Prep
  • Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP
  • American Commercial Contractors
  • Jetsetter Ads


Nonprofit & Ministry

  • American Bible Society
  • OneHope
  • International Media Ministries
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • The Veritas Forum
  • U.S. Center for World Mission
  • Hope Global Network
  • Various Christian churches & student ministries

What are Clients Saying?

“Thank you … for the AMAZING quality of work you produced. This is now PrayBuzz' calling card. I know after watching it people will have a clear picture of what it is we provide.”

Matt Sprankle
Founder & CEO,

“Ian listens carefully and asks questions in order to clearly understand my goals for each project. As a result, what he creates powerfully communicates what I wanted to convey. His readiness to listen saves clients both time and money. Ian seems genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goals. He is willing to adapt and think outside the box to create a product that is artistically pleasing and effective.”

Deborah Bullock
Creator, NRG Curriculum

“…underlying to his specific skillset, Ian innately has what no amount of training or repetition can provide: an eye for quality and perfection. Craft aside, Ian is one of the most honest and earnest (I mean every nuance of each of those words; not just listing them for the sake of adjective quantity) you could hope to encounter.”

Gino Guzzardo
Program Director, KZO Media

“When I think of a person of creative intellect and talent, I think of Ian. I have known him for years and I continually rely on his vision to add production value to the sites we produce. Mr. Dale is a hard worker with a keen eye for presentation and appearance with a "big picture" sensibility. While showing an exemplary initiative on projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills, he frequently works under very tight deadlines. He has a relevant understanding of time and budget constraints and consistently exceeds our expectations.”

Tom Zuber
Creator & CEO,

“I have been delighted with the work Ian Dale has done for our organization. Ian is a very talented artist who has a keen focus on creating graphics and advertising that fits the purpose of his client. He takes his time to discover his client's aim and then creates excellent work. I've appreciated his attention to detail and deadlines that have helped us to successfully communicate through the graphics and artwork he produces for us.”

Randy Lanthripe
Senior Pastor, Church in the Valley

“Ian is an extremely talented artist with a very highly developed work ethic. His skills are wide-ranging, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him to use any of them!”

Doug Spice
Partner, Psychic Bunny

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