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I'm a freelance children's, interactive, and editorial illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. My work tends towards richly-detailed digital paintings that live somewhere between animation and photorealism. I enjoy creating characters that come from around our world, and that inhabit worlds of imagination.

I'm at home with conceptual thinking and communication, and I love to transform complex ideas into clear and appealing images. My extensive background in design and animation also helps me to see the big picture when illustrating for a variety of projects.

Born into a multiracial family, I tend to gravitate towards diverse and multicultural characters in my illustration. I try to bring a global perspective to my work, and love to tell the stories of those who may be less visible in our world.

At the University of Southern California I studied traditional painting and drawing. These days, I'm constantly reading and learning new ideas and techniques, with heavy influence from the local animation and art communities.

I have enjoyed collaborating with companies on a freelance basis since 2007, working with clients in publishing, web/interactive, education, religious and non-profit arenas.

If you're looking to add visual strength to a project, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me anytime, or check out my work to see if it's the right fit.

“…underlying to his specific skillset, Ian innately has what no amount of training or repetition can provide: an eye for quality and perfection. Craft aside, Ian is one of the most honest and earnest (I mean every nuance of each of those words; not just listing them for the sake of adjective quantity) you could hope to encounter.”

Gino Guzzardo
Program Director, KZO Media

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